New Mama's Safe Skincare Bundle

New Mama's Safe Skincare Bundle

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New Mama's Safe Skincare Bundle: Did you know that essential oil use should be kept to a minimum while pregnant, nursing, or caring for baby? This bundle provides new moms with effective all natural skin care items that are safe enough to use while caring for a new baby. This bundle includes:

-Organic Bump Salve: Formulated specifically for Moms growing, itchy belly, stretch marks, scars and varicose veins. 

-Bare Organic Lotion Bar: Solid body lotion bar, gentle enough to use on the face, that is fortified with Zinc Oxide for added UVA and UVB sun protection.

-Bare Lip Balm: All natural lip balm that is creamy and smooth with low levels of essential oils to aid in an unscented formula gentle enough to give continuous kisses to the new baby!

-Chocolove Chocolates: Raspberries OR Orange Peel in Dark Chocolate. Made in Boulder, Colorado and so delightful! If you have a chocolate preference please specify Raspberry or Orange in the comment box at checkout.

Great as a gift on its own. Even better as an addition to a beautiful Mother's Day basket! 

**Bundle does NOT include basket or any other items other than those listed above.