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6 Reasons Why Blogging is for Me

6 Reasons Why Blogging is for Me


First things first-- What am I doing and why?

I am starting a social media presence and blog where I hope to gain a loyal following by infusing the magic of the mountains onto their screens and into their hearts. What’s my end goal? Keep reading!

Why? Here’s the background:

I am a stay at home mom! After my Maternity Leave at the ski resort was over, I knew there was no way I wanted to go back to work. Matt and I weighed our options and lucky for me, it made more sense for our family for me to stay at home. After my 12 week leave was up I knew this was the right choice but my heart just ached for the mothers (and fathers) who had to go back and were, too, not ready. 12 weeks is not nearly enough time! In my humble opinion.

Picture taken by my friend, Brooke, who is the most amazing wildlife photographer. Check her out on Instagram!    @brookelittlebear

Picture taken by my friend, Brooke, who is the most amazing wildlife photographer. Check her out on Instagram! @brookelittlebear


Matt and I agreed that I would stay home with Emma her first full year of life and then we would revisit the topic of me going back to work. After her first birthday, it still made sense for me to stay home. The problem was I KNEW I craved something more than just being a SAHM but I didn’t want to give up that precious time with my baby. I needed a creative outlet that allowed me to stay home with Em’s, have accountability, and have adult interaction.



  1. This is the perfect Creative Outlet that I’ve been looking for.

  2. I live in a different state! I am terrible with keeping up with family and friends and this forces my hand. Which in turn makes me feel good and, hopefully, makes you proud. :)

  3. My personal development grows exponentially when I journal. I need motivation to write regularly so…why not an online journal?!

  4. Accountability.

  5. I am Goal Setting and Reaching those Goals.

  6. So far, I’m LOVING my experience! I’ve met new friends, inspired and have been inspired, and am proud of myself. Most important.

My inspiration kind of just came to me. This is not something I had been thinking about for years or thought I would ever do. A couple years ago I didn’t even know what a blog or an influencer was! It was a lightbulb that went off in my head. Here’s how:

My first ever attempt at taking cute photos with my new DSLR… when Emma was 6 days old. <3

My first ever attempt at taking cute photos with my new DSLR… when Emma was 6 days old. <3

  • My DSLR Camera: A few years ago Matt gifted me this fancy camera that I had always wanted! After Emma was born, I finally started to dive into all that the camera had to offer and was totally loving it. Everyday still I yearn to learn more about the device, its capabilities, and photography in general.

  • Super Rad Adventures: Emma and I started going on these amazing hikes together. It became a weekly ritual last Summer because I was starting to let my anxiety and depression take over. I took control of my demons and forced myself to take my daughter and myself out on long, stunning mountain hikes. It was FUEL for my brain and gave me LIFE. Plus, Emma also LOVED it. I could see her taking in all the sights and growing into a happier more loving baby after each adventure.

Silver Dollar Lake

Silver Dollar Lake

  • Feedback from Friends and Family: I noticed I was getting consistent and positive feedback about my online posts and adventures in the mountains. I was inspiring my friends to get out more or travel to unexpected places. Family seemed to love keeping up with my life in Colorado and I had so much more to show them.

  • Instagram: I’m late to the game when I say I realized there is this crazy huge Social Media world out there that gives those who strive to work hard the opportunity to become an Influencer and Blogger. These people can get paid (a VERY small amount- but still!) to recommend their favorite products as long as they have a niche, creative edge, authenticity, and access to a large audience. I thought- I’m basically doing all of those things except I don’t have a large audience. All of my Social Media accounts are Private and I believed that if I don’t know you then you don’t need to know me!

    Opening up my life and sharing myself with the world sounded terrifying to me as I am painfully reserved. Eleanor Rosevelt’s quote came to mind though… the one that says, “Do one thing every day that scares you,” and I knew I had to go for it.

  • My Research Spoke to Me: I spent 3 months researching my ass off to see if I was cut out for this kind of life and vulnerability before doing an Instagram launch in late October. I felt this could be the perfect outlet for me but wanted to give it a test run! Two more months of research and building a base following on IG later, I am still feeling the inspiration! That is why I am here today on this blog. :)



I know this is not a replacement for work or that I am going to be Insta-successful as soon as I start. I am SO fortunate that I have the time to devote to this before having to make the decision to go back to an office and work though. All thanks to my amazing husband. With that said, here are my goals:

  • In 2 years, opportunities will be presented to me paving a more clear career path for my future.

  • I will continue to be a SAHM

  • I will get so busy with this Blog and Influencer Presence that by the time all of my kids (current and future) are in school, I can be a work from home mom and make some sort of income utilizing the career path paved above.

That face! :)

That face! :)


I am setting my intentions strong hoping my dreams will manifest into reality. If those dreams don’t happen then I’ll still have fun along the way and will hopefully inspire some other adventurous souls.

Let me know your thoughts! Is this for me? Am I crazy? Give me your advice!

I am totally new at this and appreciate the honesty on all accounts. Love to all.


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