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Our Year in Review

I was totally gung-ho to get Christmas Cards out this year. I planned a sunny afternoon where I made my little family dress up and go outside to take some fun shots in the snowy mountains. I never sent them, never even ordered them! I just couldn’t pull the trigger. I’ve actually never pulled the trigger. I have never sent a Christmas Card. Whaaat!?

I then thought that I’d just send a New Years Card… that’s cool, right? Yeah, sure, if you actually do it.

That is when I decided that my New Years card would go live on my blog! Save money, save trees, win-win, right? Here is my families year in review 2018 and me wishing you all a healthy, happy New Year! Enjoy!

This was suppose to be our Christmas Card. Hah!

This was suppose to be our Christmas Card. Hah!

First full year as a family of 3! Needless to say it was a year of firsts as we watched Emma learn and grow from tasting her first foods and crawling to learning sign language and running like there’s no tomorrow! We could go on and on with all of the beautiful firsts that are now have forever cherished in our memory. We are so… #blessed.

Our year started off with a trip to the eastern Caribbean where we spent 7 nights on the insanely beautiful island of Saint Lucia! Our friends, and their kids, who were 3yrs and 6 mos old at the time, joined us. Emma was also 6 months so it was refreshing to share the travels with another family who understood. Emma did so good! She was scared of the ocean but just because it was pretty dang cold. We made it up to her by spending an afternoon at a hot spring where she was in bath time heaven! The rest of our trip was spent at the beach or the pool at our resort.

Our Summer was filled with adventure... what would you expect? :) but also with running! Matt and Megan both trained for and completed their first half marathons- huge accomplishments considering neither are runners!

One of races was in Nisswa, MN while we visited family for the 4th of July.

One of races was in Nisswa, MN while we visited family for the 4th of July.

Matt completed a few amazing mountaineering trips this year. His favorites were both CO 14ers - one was a big hike around the Bowl of Tears on Mt. of the Holy Cross and the other was a rock climbing route high on Longs Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park. He had a best bud by his side each time.

Meg went on some incredible hikes herself and took Emma along for the ride! She was also proud to summit her first 14er since Emma’s birth- Thanks Gramma Cowing for watching Em’s! Matt, Jake, Melissa, and Steve joined the hike and everyone summited like a champ! Meg also spent a weekend away with 8 of her best and oldest girlfriends in Pequot Lakes, MN for a girls weekend! - First overnights away from Emma. (I cried on the drive to the airport but after that it was SO refreshing) :)

Emma, who is now 16 months, had the time of her life this Summer. We basically kept our front door open all day so she was free to come in or out as she pleased. Her favorite Summer adventures included going to the Farmers Market in Dillon with mom where she played with other small children and danced to live music; also going to the local restaurants around town with dad where she would make friends with the locals and give them all of fist bumps. <3

We also did lots of traveling back to the midwest! Emma had so much fun playing in the lakes of Minnesota over the 4th of July and splashing in the wild and crazy water parks of Wisconsin Dells this Fall. Labor Day weekend was spent at Meg’s parents’ vineyard for the annual Fall Party.

It was so nice to see everyone’s faces back home! THANK YOU for your hospitality and fun memories.

Also, Thank you to everyone who made the trip out to Georgetown! Emma got to see all of her grandparents in her home state and Matt and Meg were over the moon to have some of their best pals come for a visit! It really means the world to us when you come out.

Matt is still a Systems Engineer with Fortinet which he is quite passionate about. He spends most of his free time snowboarding the backcountry where he has already skied over 25,000ft in vertical.

Megan is a stay at home mom with Emma and is diving into photography and blogging on her spare time.

Emma continues to be the cutest thing in the world and turned O N E this year! She loves watching Baby Shark coloring in her sticker book, swimming at the local rec center, and playing with all of the dolls!

Happy New Year to you all!

PS. Em’s got on skis for the first time in 2018 too! :) WOOO!!!

PS. Em’s got on skis for the first time in 2018 too! :) WOOO!!!

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