let me introduce myself…

That’s me on the right! My husband, Matt, and the love of our life, Emma Juniper.

That’s me on the right! My husband, Matt, and the love of our life, Emma Juniper.

Hello! My name is Meg! I am a 30-something year old wife to my mountain-man husband who is Cyber Security Engineer by day turned powder junkie snowboarder by night. We are both Minnesota Natives and moved to the maintains of Colorado 4.5 years ago - just 2 weeks after getting hitched!

Our love affair goes back 11 years though and what a ride it has been. <3

mom + Em.jpg

I am also a first time mother to the most adorable and busy 1 year old I have ever met…

Her name is Emma and let’s be real, she is the true star of this show!

She is a free spirit who already has the magic of the mountains in her bones. I have been blessed with the true fortune of staying at home with her since her birth and it became pretty clear to me as Emma grew that we had to get out and do some pretty cool things together.


What am I here for?

I am here to encourage and inspire other parents to share all that is beautiful in this world with their children. Adventure with them! Travel with them! Heal our minds and grow their hearts with them! Life is different with a child but adventure doesn't have to stop. 

Above all, I am here to remind all mothers that we are just doing the best we can and that no matter what we are in this together. Let’s inspire each other!


More about me:

I am a former indoor girl turned adventure seeker. I love to hike, run, and travel in the summer and snowboard in the winter. I also enjoy taking my camera with me along the way! I am still a homebody as it is imbedded in my bones and I have also learned to allow the wild inside to expand my spiritual horizons and heal my mind.

The Rocky Mountains have such a presence. They are strong and wild and powerful and getting outside and embracing the magic is very healing for my mental health which helps me to be a better mama to Emma. I struggle with social anxiety and depression so finding this outlet is beyond important for me.

Keep in touch with me if you relate, feel inspired or are just along for the ride! I am on Instagram and Facebook (links below) and will be launching a newsletter soon. Your support means the world!